About my art
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How my pictures are created

Nature with all its manifestations has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration. So also for me every discovery is a new beginning. Many motifs I encounter on walks or travels. Photography helps me to deepen my impressions emotionally. Sketches also serve as preparation.

My painting always moves between representationalism and abstraction. It is important to me not to depict, but to take up what I have seen as an impulse and let it develop freely, to change it, to discover new focal points and to find my own expression up to the invention of completely new images. Often only small details are of interest, finely started with ink on paper, everything enlarges and ends as a large-format picture on the canvas. In the process, the orginäre appearance develops again and again into the abstract and sometimes moves away completely from its origin.

In the case of the theme of water, for example, an abundance of insights and views emerges through superimposition and layering of the paint application. Thus, unseen and hidden things come to light and not infrequently “water” then transforms into “landscape” or “stone”. Also in the landscape or plant pictures, the concrete reality always remains the starting point, but unfolds in terms of form, color and structure, until sometimes only a hint reminds of it.

It is important to me, despite all the change, transformation and metamorphosis to maintain the magic of the first eye look in my painting so that a certain fascination also jumps over to the viewer.